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Furball Aero-Design #72-003
Low Viz Devil Dog Scooters
1:72 Scale

vol_2_imageThe A-4 Skyhawk is a true classic in the history of U.S. Naval and Marine Corps aviation.  Furball Aero-Design recently re-released their sold-out but still highly sought-after 1:48 scale Low Viz Devil Dog Scooter decal sheet from 2012.  More recently, this sheet was also printed in 1:72 scale.  

The 1:72 scale Low Viz Devil Dog Scooter sheet contains the same options as the 1:48 scale decals - 16 A-4 Skyhawks spanning the A-4E, A-4F, TA-4J, A-4M, and OA-4M aircraft between 1980 and 1993.  These should look good on the Hasegawa and Fujimi OA-4M kits.  These schemes are all USMC aircraft, and include some five distinct low visibility patterns.  In addition to the different three-tone tactical gray schemes, two options on this sheet are variations on so-called “lizard schemes” with two different green over gray camouflage patterns that wrap around the upper surfaces of the aircraft.  

The options on the sheet include full markings for:

    1. A-4E, VMA-322 (1982)
    2. A-4M, VMA 331 (1982)
    3. A-4M, VMA-311 (1984)
    4. A-4F, VMA-142 (1985)
    5. A-4M, VMA-211 (1989)
    6. A-4M, VMA-214 (1989)
    7. A-4M, VMA-131 (1993)
    8. OA-4M, H&MS-13 (1980)
    9. OA-4M, H&MS-12 (1984)
    10. OA-4M, H&MS-32 (1984)
    11. TA-4J, VMA-322 (1986)
    12. OA-4M, H&MS-11 (1988)
    13. OA-4M, H&MS-12 (1989)
    14. OA-4M, H&MS-32 (1990)
    15. OA-4M, H&MS-32 (1987)
    16. OA-4M, H&MS-32 (1987)

The five pages of instructions contain Furball’s typical clearly rendered, full-color illustrations for each scheme, and include notes on each aircraft’s particular colors and color variations. Airframe stencils are included for two jets.  Another nice touch is inclusion of a diagram for A-4 external stores loading. 

Printed for Furball by Cartograf of Italy, the sheet is of their typically exquisite quality.  Colors are crisp and everything is in perfect register.  Also, the precision with which Cartograf lays down their carrier film is really impressive.  On some decals, such as the dark gray wing walkways and national insignia, the carrier film is so precisely applied that one cannot even see it.

This decal sheet is recommended without reservation.  For a while, I’ve been wanting to build one of the two Fujimi OA-4Ms in my stash, but both kits are quite old now and the decal film is badly yellowed to the point where I doubt sun bleaching them will be completely effective.  With the release of this decal sheet, it’s now time to get to work.

Many thanks to Furball Aero-Design for the review sample. You can find them on the web at and on Facebook at

Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale

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