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Furball Aero-Design #32-003
F-35 Anthology: Big Scale Lightning IIs -- 1:32 Scale


Just the F-35 Lightning II fleet grows with the Fort Worth production line keeps cranking out more jets, scale modelers are now finding more F-35 kits starting to appear, including a 1:72 scale offering from Meng and Italeri’s large-scale F-35A.  In this release, Furball Aero-Design provides markings for 16 1:32 scale F-35s currently flying intended for use on the Italieri kit:

This might be the most diverse F-35 decal sheet in any scale produced so far.  It contains a great combination of operational test and evaluation jets from Eglin, Nellis, and Edwards AFBs , the training squadron at Luke AFB, and the first Air Combat Command squadron that recently stood up at Hill AFB (34th FS, the Rude Rams).  During their F-16 days, I knew a few Rude Rams Viper drivers. It was a sad day to see them disestablished a few years back but heartening to see the squadron back in action today with the F-35A. Just as with the first introduction of the F-16, Hill AFB leads the way.  Including the markings for the Norwegian and Japanese jets is also a very nice touch and adds international appeal to this set of decals.
The decal sheet is mostly monochrome light grey (my eyes tell me somewhere in the FS 36320 range) and the only color variation is with the low-voltage formation strip lights.  Of course, the F-35A seriously emphasizes low observability.  Don't expect too much color, and as far as I know, any airframe markings are painted with a specially formulated LO paint and it’s all one color.  Last year, I got to do some photography of Luke and Nellis-based F-35As as well as one of the RoNAF test program jets based at Edwards. Compared to my photos, Furball’s decals look to be highly accurate. 

Overall, the quality of the decal design is outstanding, and the printing by Cartograf is technically impeccable. Colors are vibrant (or at least, as vibrant as they can be for the F-35), in perfect register, and carrier film is very thin and exceptionally restrained.  Now all we need are decals or masks for the antenna farm that covers the F-35’s airframe!

Many thanks to Furball Aero-Design for the review sample. You can find them on the web at and on Facebook at

Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale

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