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Furball Aero-Design # 48-054
Growler Anthology Part 2
1:48 Scale

vol_2_imageSince the 1970s, the Grumman EA-6B Prowler was the U.S. Navy’s premier electronic warfare and SEAD platform, but today, the McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) EA-18G Growler has replaced the venerable Prowler in Navy service.  Growlers have the responsibility to jam enemy radars, intercept and disrupt communications, and kill SAM sites.  Based on the two-seat F/A-18F airframe, the EA-18G contains a variety of unique hardware including both internal and external jamming gear that makes the Growler stand apart from other Super Hornet variants.

Furball Aero-Design’s sheet # 48-054 is their second collection of decals for 1:48 EA-18Gs. Printed on two sheets, you get markings for 16 Growlers:

- EA-18G BuNo 166859, NJ 550, VAQ-129, NAS   Whidbey Island, 2016
- EA-18G BuNo 168901, NJ 514, VAQ-129, NAS   Whidbey Island, 2016
- EA-18G BuNo 168902, NJ 505, VAQ-129, NAS Whidbey Island, 2016
- EA-18G BuNo 168268, AC 500, VAQ-130, USS EISENHOWER, 2016
- EA-18G BuNo 168251, AC 501, VAQ-130, USS TRUMAN, 2015
- EA-18G BuNo 168772, AJ 500, VAQ-131 USS BUSH, 2016
- EA-18G BuNo 166934, NL 540, VAQ-132, NAS Whidbey Island, 2012
- EA-18G BuNo 168934, NL 540, VAQ-132, NAS Whidbey Island, 2012
- EA-18G BuNo 168765, NL 533, VAQ-134, NAS Whidbey Island, 2016
- EA-18G BuNo 166940, NL 520, VAQ-135, NAS Whidbey Island, 2016
- EA-18G BuNo 168261, NE 500, VAQ-136, USS REAGAN, 2012
- EA-18G BuNo 168266, AB 500, VAQ-137, USS ROOSEVELT, 2015
- EA-18G BuNo 168267, AB 501, VAQ-137, USS ROOSEVELT, 2015
- EA-18G BuNo 166934, NL 510, VAQ-138, NAS Whidbey Island, 2010
- EA-18G BuNo 168381, NH 500, VAQ-142, USS NIMITZ, 2016
- EA-18G A46-301 (BuNo 169148) No. 6 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force,
  NAS Whidbey Island, 2015

Many of the EA-18Gs that I have seen or photographed up-close have carried low-vis TPS (tactical paint scheme) colors and were pretty bland in terms of their colors and markings.  Fortunately, CAG and commander’s aircraft still get to carry more colorful liveries, and considering Growler Anthology Part I, this new sheet provides scale modelers with an even wider wider range of interesting and colorful schemes for the 1:48 Hasegawa Growlers.

The quality of the decal design is outstanding, and the printing by Cartograf is consistent with their reputation with being the best in the business.  The decal sheet includes full stencils for two jets and the ALQ-99 jamming pods.  The instructions are sharply rendered and don’t miss a beat in terms of thoroughness. The stencil guide is likewise exemplary.  Beyond the gorgeous print quality of the decals and instructions, it’s the attention to little details that impresses me just as much, such as the markings for the NACES ejection seats and the array of white ceramic tiles ringing the internal surface of the engine exhaust nozzles.  To me, the last point is a really neat – and important – touch.Overall, Furball Aero-Design does it again with an all-around great set of decals and provides scale modelers a chance to cover some of the more colorful EA-18Gs that have existed (or flown) over the last few years.

Many thanks to Furball Aero-Design for the review sample.  You can find them on the web at and on Facebook at

Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale

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