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Fündekals C-17A Globemaster III
1:144 Scale

vol_2_imageThe C-17A Globemaster III is the backbone of modern USAF airlift.  It replaced the aging C-141 Starlifter in tactical and strategic airlift missions while also taking on some of the loads typically carried by the C-5 Galaxy.  Since the delivery of the first C-17 in 1993, the aircraft has played key roles in every major combat operation and humanitarian action since.  Globemaster IIIs have also been exported to several allies, including the U.K., Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, India, and others.  Living under Washington, D.C. regional airspace, I frequently see C-17s including those attached to the 89th Airlift Wing (presidential airlift) in my skies – always a good-looking airplane to see!

Fündekals is a lower-cost but high-quality decal manufacturer who typically do a print run of a subject and then move on.  Most of their releases focus on WWII subjects, but they often go into more diverse territory as well.  In 2014, they did a very attractive C-17 sheet in 1:144 scale which is the subject of this review.  These markings were designed to fit the Revell kit.  This decal sheet covers 13 C-17s:

  • C-17A 97-0044, 445th AW, Wright-Patterson AFB (Spirit of the City of Fairborn)
  • C-17A KAF 342, 41st Transport Squadron, Kuwaiti Air Force
  • C-17A 1123, United Arab Emirates Air Force
  • C-17A 1124, United Arab Emirates Air Force
  • C-17A 1127, United Arab Emirates Air Force
  • C-17A 1128, United Arab Emirates Air Force
  • C-17A 01 NATO Heavy Airlift Wing, Pápa AB, Hungary
  • C-17A 02 NATO Heavy Airlift Wing, Pápa AB, Hungary
  • C-17A 03 NATO Heavy Airlift Wing, Pápa AB, Hungary
  • C-17A 120204, Qatar Emiri Air Force 
  • C-17A 080201, Qatar Emiri Air Force 
  • C-17A 120203, Qatar Emiri Air Force 
  • C-17A CB-8001, 81 Squadron, Indian Air Force

These decals are just beautifully printed and are in perfect register.  Carrier film is precisely applied right at the edges of each decal.  In all, they look great and receive very high scores for print quality, subject matter, and detail.

To keep costs down for the scale modeler, the instructions are not printed and included with the decals.  As with all Fündekals products, the markings guide (including all the FS numbers for the various paint schemes) is available as a PDF that can be downloaded from their website. Here’s the link for the C-17 instructions:

There are a few issues to call out for clarity.  Note that the instructions only depict six airplanes (these being examples of particular schemes which are illustrated) while the decal sheet contains markings for that airplane and multiple others in that particular nation’s colors.  There are some dark gray panel frame-like markings included on the Kuwaiti AF portion of the decal sheet, but I’m not sure where these go as they’re not depicted on the instructions and even some internet research and a C-17 walk around photoshoot I did in September failed to turn up information as to what they are.  I also would have enjoyed a little more information about each airplane (such as the timeframe represented) beyond the occasional (but still vitally helpful) construction notes.

Many thanks to Jonathan Strickland and Fündekals for the review sample. You can find and purchase Fündekals sheets on the web at

Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale

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