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Flying Leathernecks #48007
USMC EA-6B Prowlers – Jammin' Jarheads
1:48 Scale

The Grumman EA-6B Prowler has been at the center of the US Navy and Marine Corps electronic warfare capability since 1971.  Prowlers jammed enemy radars, collected signals intelligence, killed SAM sites, and disrupted communications from Vietnam to Syria.  In 2015, the last of the Navy Prowlers was retired, but the Marines plan to fly their EA-6Bs until the 2018 timeframe.  In 2016, Prowlers were most recently detached to Incirlik AB, Turkey, tasked to carry out electronic attacks against ISIL.  The EA-6B built for itself one of the most storied histories in the annals of modern airpower, and its story is not quite over.

Flying Leatherneck Decals new decal sheet captures some of this history in covering Marine EA-6Bs from 1991 to 2015.  The 12 airplanes included on the Jammin’ Jarhead sheet are: 

-   EA-6B BuNo 161348, VMAQ-1, MCAS Cherry Point, NC, June 2008
-   EA-6B BuNo 160433, VMAQ-1, MCAS Cherry Point, NC, June 2008
-   EA-6B BuNo 160786, VMAQ-1, Incirlik AB, Turkey, Operation NORTHERN WATCH,
    1998 - 1999
-   EA-6B BuNo 159907, VMAQ-2, Sheik Isa AB, Bahrain, Operation DESERT STORM, 1991
-   EA-6B BuNo 158036, VMAQ-2, Aviano AB, Italy, Operation ALLIED FORCE, 1999
-   EA-6B BuNo 163892, VMAQ-2, Al Asad AB, Iraq, Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, 2008
-   EA-6B BuNo 159584, VMAQ-3, MCAS Cherry Point, NC, June 2008
-   EA-6B BuNo 163520, VMAQ-3, MCAS Cherry Point, NC, June 2008
-   EA-6B BuNo 160436, VMAQ-3, Bagram AB, Afghanistan, Operation ENDURING FREEDOM,
-   EA-6B BuNo 162227, VMAQ-4, MCAS Cherry Point, NC, 2008
-   EA-6B BuNo 159912, VMAQ-4, MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, 2007
-   EA-6B BuNo 163398, VMAQ-4, MCAS Cherry Point, NC, 2015

The decals were designed by Flying Leatherneck Decals and printed by Microscale.  The print quality is exemplary and carrier film is precisely applied right at the very edges of each marking.  They really appear on par with Cartograf and the carrier film appears to be somewhat thinner that Cartograf’s typical work.  The markings guide is filled with technical and painting notes for each airframe.  Designed to fit the Kinetic kit, these markings can all be adapted to the earlier Monogram kit as well.

Considering that the Prowler’s external antenna configuration has constantly shifted as the airplane was updated across multiple ICAP upgrades, the instructions provide very clear and (most importantly) verified notes on proper and accurate antenna configurations for each aircraft.  Other details are also covered faithfully, ranging from the differing intake warning chevrons on nearly every Prowler here to a guide to some of the non-standard radome colors and anti-collision light configurations of the different jets.  In sum, this sheet nails it in terms of accuracy and quality, spanning not just the decals but also the information regarding the configurations for each airplane.  Bravo zulu!

Many thanks to Dave Roof of Flying Leatherneck Decals for the review sample.  You can find them on the web at and on Facebook at  The sheet can be ordered straight from their website or at Sprue Brothers (

Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale

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