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AoA Decals # 48-006
Intruders From the Sea: USN/USMC A-6A, A-6B,
and KA-6D Intruders in the Vietnam War
1:48 Scale


The Grumman A-6 Intruder was the primary long-range strike aircraft of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps for most of the latter half of the 20th century.  Following its introduction to the fleet in 1963, it wasn’t long until Intruders were in combat over Vietnam, and later, further distinguished service followed over Lebanon, Libya and the Persian Gulf in the 1980s, and finally, Iraq and Kuwait in the 1990-1991 Operations DESERT SHIELD AND DESERT STORM.  Here, AoA Decals brings more 1:48 scale markings on the scene for Navy and Marine Intruders of the Vietnam era.

This decal set is designed to fit the Hobby Boss A-6A kit, but some of these schemes can be adapted to the Revell and Kinetic kits without much effort. The set consists of two large sheets covering squadron markings and airframe stencils for one airplane. In all, 14 different schemes are provided:

- A-6A, BuNo. 154144, VA-95 Green Lizards, USS CORAL SEA, 1973; CAG jet
- A-6A, BuNo. 154133, VA-95 Green Lizards, USS CORAL SEA, 1973; CO’s jet
- A-6A, BuNo. 152907, VA-165 Boomers, USS RANGER, 1967-68
- A-6A, BuNo. 155599, VA-165 Boomers, USS RANGER, 1968-69
- A-6A, BuNo. 155677, VA-165 Boomers, USS AMERICA, 1970
- A-6A, BuNo. 155644, VA-165 Boomers, USS CONSTELLATION, 1971-72; CAG jet
- A-6A, BuNo. 154147, VA-196 Main Battery, USS CONSTELLATION, 1968-69
- A-6A, BuNo. 155608, VA-196 Main Battery, USS RANGER, 1969-70
- A-6B, BuNo. 151565, VA-196 Main Battery, USS ENTERPRISE, 1971-72
- A-6A, BuNo. 155598, VA-196 Main Battery, USS ENTERPRISE, 1971-72
- KA-6D, BuNo. 151819, VA-196 Main Battery, USS ENTERPRISE, 197-/73
- A-6A, BuNo. 155708, VMA(AW)-224, USS CORAL SEA, 1972
- A-6A, BuNo. 155646, VMA(AW)-224, USS CORAL SEA, 1971-72
- A-6A, BuNo. 155651, VMA(AW)-224, USS CORAL SEA, 1971-72
- KA-6D, BuNo. 151789, VMA(AW)-224, USS CORAL SEA, 1971-72
- A-6B, BuNo. 151562, VMA(AW)-224, USS CORAL SEA, 1972

Cartograf printed the decals.  They are the best in the business, with their precision print quality, sharpness, vibrancy, and highly restrained printing of carrier film.  The airframe stencils are likewise excellent and cover everything on the airplane to the GRU-5 and -7 ejection seats, MERs, TERs, and more.  The thorough instructions for airframe markings, technical notes (including flak curtains), loadout variations, and historical notes come in color on nine double-sided pages and one insert.  Decals for the A-6B Mod 0 (the SAM-killing Intruder variant) will require the scale modeler to do some scratchbuilding to bring the model up to the proper external configuration, but Eduard now produces really great AGM-78s and AGM-45s for the Iron Hand configuration.  For the KA-6D, the Cobra Company and Steel Beach Accessories both produce resin conversion sets.

These decals continue the extremely high standard of quality, research, and accuracy seen in their first releases.  Scale modelers of all backgrounds and skill levels with indeed find them an absolute pleasure to work with when building one of these Vietnam-era, high-viz Intruders.

Many thanks to AoA Decals for the review sample. You can find them on the web at and on Facebook at


Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale

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