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AoA Decals # 32-015 Trainers No More:
T-28B/C/D Trojans in the Vietnam War 1:32 Scale


The T-28 Trojan was a U.S.-built, early Cold War trainer flown by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and Marines, and more than two dozen other countries, often in roles that went well beyond pilot training.  T-28Bs sported a more powerful 1,425 hp Wright R-1820-9 radial engine, and could be further visually distinguished from the T-28A by its three-bladed prop, higher profile canopy, and perforated speed brake on the bottom of the fuselage.  The T-28C was based on the B-model but with a beefed up structure and tailhook to accommodate carrier landings.  The T-28D was a B-model converted by the company Pac-Aero beginning in 1962 that brought out the Trojan’s latent air-to-ground capability.

In this recent release, AOA Decals continues their line of of high quality and noteworthy decal sheets with a focus on Trojans that were no longer trainers:  T-28s that went to war.  This decal set is designed to fit the Kitty Hawk 1:32 injection molded kit (see the Detail & Scale review of this here:  But if anyone wants to use this on the Combat Models T-28 vacuform kit, you can adapt these decals without any problems to be sure.  The set consists of two sheets, one of which is 32-015S (T-28 Airframe Stencils, with options for the original full letter type lettering and the sprayed-on, stencil lettering.  Two versions of the walkway striping are also provided).  A total of 18 different options are provided:

- T-28D, 51-7677, 56th SOW Det 1, Udorn RTAFB, 1972/73
- T-28D, 52-1208, 56th SOW Det 1, Udorn RTAFB, 1973
- T-28B, 137644, 56th SOW Det 1, Udorn RTAFB, 1973
- T-28D, 140533, 56th SOW Det 1, Udorn RTAFB, 1973
- T-28D, 51-7778, unknown operator, Cambodia, 1968
- T-28D, 51-7823, Pochentong AB, Khmer Republic, 1971
- T-28B, 138241, possible Air America airplane, Khmer Republic, 1973
- T-28B, 138146, possible Air America airplane, Laos, 1973
- T-28B, 140040, 516th FS, Da Nang AB, VNAF, 1963-1965
- T-28D, 51-3471, 222nd TFS, Ubon RTAFB, 1971
- T-28D, 51-3714, 222nd TFS, Ubon RTAFB, 1971
- T-28D, 51-3578, 222nd TFS, Ubon RTAFB, 1970/71
- T-28B, 53-8371, 1st ACS, Soc Trang AB, VNAF, 1963
- T-28B, 53-8372, 1st ACS, Soc Trang AB, VNAF, 1963
- T-28B, 140038, 1st FS/516 FS, Nha Trang/Da Nang AB, VNAF, 1962/63
- T-28C, 140456, 2nd FS/516 FS, Nha Trang/Da Nang AB, VNAF, 1962/63
- T-28D, 49-1604, squadron unknown, USAF, 1966/67

While the decals in the Kitty Hawk kit are diverse and technically well printed, these decals by AoA really broaden the range of possible schemes for armed Trojans.  The T-28C schemes anticipate the planned release of a T-28C by Kitty Hawk.  Accordingly, do note that there are a few T-28Cs here (140456 & 140533) and two schemes are those of Trojans equipped with the Yankee extraction seat (51-3578 & 140533).  You’ll have to paint on the interior color of the of the VNAF 1st Air Commando shark mouths as the instructions describe the clear uncertainty as to their color.

These decals were printed by Microscale, and they indeed rival Cartograf in terms of color, sharpness, restrained carrier film, and overall quality.  The airframe stencils are sharp and legible in 1:32 scale.  The instructions come on four double-sided pages and one small correction insert, printed sharply and in color, and provide technical notes, stencil placement guides, and carefully researched details on the various paint schemes.

Many thanks to AoA Decals for the review sample. You can find them on the web at and on Facebook at

Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale

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