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AoA Decals # 32-006 "You're Cleared in Hot"
USAF OV-10A Bronco FACs in the Vietnam War

1:32 Scale


            North American/Rockwell’s OV-10 Bronco played important roles as forward air controller (FAC) and close air support platforms from the Vietnam War to the Persian Gulf.  It was initially envisioned in the 1960s to fulfill the COIN (or counterinsurgency) role, but its utility as a FAC (forward air controller) and at many other jobs soon became clear. It was quite maneuverable, had a STOL capability allowing it to operate from unimproved airfields, could loiter for hours, direct fire, carry paratroopers and cargo, and conduct independent attacks.  Flown by the USAF from 1968 to 1991, the Bronco’s Air Force service was not completely over. In 2015 a pair of OV-10s from NASA and the Department of State were borrowed by the USAF, modified, and deployed to Iraq in 2015.  They flew some 120 sorties against ISIL over an 82-day period and were likely tied in with special operations.  By all accounts, the experimental section of two Broncos was a success, but cost considerations may cut short the presumptive “second lifetime” of the OV-10.

            In this release from AoA Decals, scale modelers are supplied with decals for Vietnam era USAF OV-10A FACs.  This decal set is designed to fit the Kitty Hawk kit, the only 1:32 scale Bronco out there.  The set consists of two sheets, one of which is AOA 32-007, which is the USAF OV-10A Bronco Stencils (High-Viz) (and 32-007, when sold by itself, contains two sets of complete stencils as opposed to the one included here).  In all, 16 different options are provided:

- OV-10A, 67-14623, 23rd TASS, 1970/71
- OV-10A, 67-14629, 21st TASS, 1972
- OV-10A, 67-14640, 20th (?) TASS
- OV-10A, 67-14643, 19th TASS, 1970
- OV-10A, 67-14650, 21st TASS, 1970
- OV-10A, 67-14655, 20th TASS, 1970-71
- OV-10A, 67-14657, 19th TASS, 1969
- OV-10A, 67-14674, 20th TASS, 1970
- OV-10A, 67-14684, TASS squadron unknown, 1969/70
- OV-10A, 68-3811, 19th TASS, 1970
- OV-10A, 68-3817, TASS squadron unknown, 1970
- OV-10A, 68-3818, TASS squadron unknown, 1971
- OV-10A, 68-3822, TASS squadron unknown, 1970
- OV-10A, 68-3825, 19th TASS, 1973
- OV-10A, 68-3819, 20th TASS, 1970
- OV-10A, 68-3822, 19th TASS, 1970
- OV-10A, 68-3822, ? TASS, 1970
- OV-10A, 68-3825, 19th TASS, 1973
- OV-10A, unknown, 19th TASS, 1970

            The selection of these particular schemes is really interesting for the scale modeler.  They cover the standard overall blue gray USAF scheme where the upper surfaces of the wings were painted white.  There’s no other way to say it: these are all really attractive paint schemes for scale modelers.  Also, aircraft 67-14623 can be built as a PAVE NAIL aircraft as the markings were the same before and after modification with the laser designator.

            Cartograf printed the decals.  They are the best in the business, with their precision print quality, sharpness, vibrancy, and highly restrained printing of carrier film.  The airframe stencils are likewise excellent and quite legible, covering everything on the airplane including walkways, propeller tips, ejection seats, and so forth.  They appear to be as comprehensive as possible.  The instructions come on seven double-sided pages, printed sharply and in color, and provide technical notes, stencil placement guides, and other ordinance loadouts.  Everything about this set of decals reflects the depth of research that appears to underscore each and every one of AoA’s decal sheets.

            Scale modelers of all backgrounds and skill levels should find that these decals of Vietnam era USAF FAC Broncos will bring a great deal more variety and more possibilities to their build of Kitty Hawk OV-10A.

Many thanks to AoA Decals for the review sample. You can find them on the web at and on Facebook at


Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale

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