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CMK #5112 - Mk. 82 500lb Bomb
1:32 Scale

The Mk. 82 500-pound bomb has been one of the most ubiquitous air-to-ground munitions since the Vietnam era.  It is a low-drag, general purpose unguided iron bomb, carried by everything from the A-4 Skyhawk to the B-2 Spirit.  Scale modelers of the postwar era are no doubt quite familiar with it.
In this resin aftermarket set, CMK provides a pair of resin-cast Mk. 82 “slicks.”  The bomb body is a separate piece from the tailfin assembly and they connect via an intervening connecting plug.  The modeler is provided a choice of fuses (again, separate parts, and you get a standard fuse or the much longer extended fuse).  A small decal sheet is provided for stenciling and other markings on the bomb, and a painting guide is provided and gives instructions on painting a live Mk. 82 and an inert training round.

These 1:32 Mk. 82s are impeccably cast without any observable defects.  Size, shape, and other details compare favorably with my Mk. 82 references.  I’ve got to say: the parts breakdown is smart.  The manner in which the casting blocks are attached to the parts – and how the bomb body, connector, and tailfin assembly fit together – makes freeing parts from the casting blocks AND later assembly problem-free.  For those of us who have assembled resin bombs, sometimes a manufacturer makes it a flush fit between bomb body and tailfin, and if your razor saw’s cut isn’t prefect, alignment and seam issues can follow.  So, what CMK has done here reflects a pretty clever design to make life easier for the builder. Kudos!  

Overall, CMK’s 1:32 scale Mk. 82 is a great product and is recommended with enthusiasm. Just one thought – remember to be a smart scale modeler!  Following lessons learned from the tragic 1967 fire aboard the USS FORRESTAL, about 30 pounds of a rough and highly textured ablative fire retardant coating was subsequently applied to USN and USMC air-to-ground bombs.  The surface of this bomb body is nice and smooth.  So, this means this product represents any USAF Mk. 82, good on any era Air Force ground attack aircraft –  or a Mk. 82 preceding 1967 in US Navy or Marine Corps service.

Many thanks to CMK and Special Hobby for the sample.  You can find them online at: and on Facebook at:

Haagen Klaus
Scale Modeling News & Reviews Editor
Detail & Scale

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