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Just Released

Colors & Markings of U. S. Navy F-14 Tomcats, Part 2: Pacific Coast Squadrons

Available Now F3H Demon in
Detail & Scale
********** F9F Cougar in
Detail & Scale
**********F2H Banshee in
Detail & Scale, Pt. 1

SBD Dauntless in
Detail & Scale


F-102 Delta Dagger in Detail & Scale
Colors & Markings of U. S. Navy
F-14 Tomcats,
Part 1: Atlantic
Coast Squadrons


Colors & Markings of the F-102
Delta Dagger


Attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan Awakens a Sleeping Giant


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Between 1978 and 2004, Detail & Scale produced 114 publications about military aircraft.  The best known of these titles were the sixty-nine volumes in the Detail & Scale Series.  Known for their extensive detailed looks at the cockpits, radars, avionics, armament, powerplants, landing gear, and other features of each aircraft, these books were highly sought after and extremely popular with enthusiasts and model builders alike. 

We've now moved the Detail & Scale brand into the digital age, and you are at the gateway to our new series of Digital Publications, our comprehensive Military Aviation Archives Photo Galleries, and our Aviation Artwork Section which contains numerous profiles of military aircraft. Of special nterest to scale modelers is our Scale Modeling Section that contains kit and product reviews and photo galleries of scale models.

For more information about Detail & Scale, check out our About Us Section.

Bert Kinzey
                       President, Detail & Scale

Detail & Scale Digital Publications


e-Publications are simple and easy to use. Try one of ours. You'll be glad you did and amazed at what you see!

Click Anywhere In This Area To Go Directly To
The Detail & Scale Digital Books Section

In this section you'll learn about the great digital publications Detail & Scale has available at very reasonable prices. You'll also find links and information about how to order the publications and learn how easy it is to use these great reference books on any computer or tablet.

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Photo Galleries

Click Anywhere In This Area To Go Directly To The Aviation Photo Galleries

Our Military Aviation Archives Photo Galleries contain scores of photo sets that are divided into nine distinct galleries within three different eras of military aviation history plus a Miscellaneous Gallery. Here you will find both general/historical and detail photo sets of a wide variety of aircraft. Keep checking back often, because we will be adding new galleries on a regular basis.

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Scale Modeling Section

Click Anywhere In This Area To Go Directly To The Scale Modeling Section

Detail & Scale has always provided great information to scale modelers, and this section of our website is a means to expand that even further. The section is divided into two major areas. The Reviews area provides detailed and objective reviews of kits, after-market products, decals, and books, all of which will be of great value to scale modelers. The second area contains the Scale Model Photo Galleries. Here you will find four different galleries, each with photo sets of completed models where you can see what other modelers have done. We will be adding reviews and scale model photo sets on a regular basis, so check back often to see what's new.

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Aviation Artwork

Click Anywhere In This Area To Go Directly To The Aviation Artwork Section

Our Aviation Artwork Section is divided into four different eras ranging from World War II to the present day. Here you will find art profiles of scores of different aircraft flown by specific pilots, each with a description of the aircraft, unit, the time frame, and the pilot who flew the aircraft. In this section you will also be able to order personalized artwork of an aircraft you flew, or worked on, or for a gift for someone who did.

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Furball Aero-Design/Detail & Scale Decals!

Click Anywhere In This Area To Go Directly To The Decals Section

Furball Aero-Design and Detail & Scale are collaborating to produce the very best and most accurate decal sheets available to the scale modeler. These sheets are directly related to our digital publications. This section provides information on all of the available sheets as well as links to order them.

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